Faq | MVS Mid Atlantic


How do I sign up for delivery to my home or business?

Easy! Click here and provide us with your info and order. We will contact you to confirm your order, delivery date, billing information and any special instructions before we deliver. Or just call us at 844-446-8420. We actually enjoy talking to our customers on the phone! If you prefer, email us at info@MVH2O.com.

How often will you deliver?

Good question. How much water do you drink? When you sign up for service we will help you determine how much water you will need and adjust our delivery frequency based consumption and your location. Most of our customers are good with ordering every two weeks. However, if you only require a monthly delivery, we can switch you at any time. We only request you order enough water to last until your next delivery.

Do I need to be home for delivery?

We would love to say “Hello” personally, but no need to be home when we deliver. Just let your driver or customer service rep know where you would like us to leave the water and it will be there when you get home. Got a doorman, gate code, pets or other special instructions? No problem, just let us know and we will note your delivery record. We have been doing this for decades, so we’ve got the delivery business down. Oh, and don’t forget; set out your empty returnable bottles the night before or early AM, so we can credit your deposit.

Do I have to sign a contract or agree to a weekly or monthly purchase commitment?

Nope. No contract or “forced” monthly purchase requirement. We only ask that each delivery includes at least 2 units (cases or multi-gallon bottles). When you sign up for service, we assign you a route day when we are in your area, and a standing order of the items you prefer to receive with each delivery. Two days prior to your delivery date, we will contact you let you know when we are delivering and allow you change or cancel your order for that date. If you don’t need water, just let us know and we will skip your stop.

How am I billed?

We you sign up, we take your credit card and billing information. Once your delivery has been completed we will bill you that day for the water delivered plus or minus any deposits. A printed copy of your order invoice will be left with the water, and we will email you a receipt of credit card charges.

How much does delivery cost?

There is no charge for scheduled delivery, however, we do add a $2.45 service fee to cover fluctuations in fuel costs.

Will I pay more for delivery to my home than buying at retail?

On average, you will find our home delivered prices lower than prices you would pay at the store…plus, we do all the heavy lifting, and deliver right to your door!

How do I cancel or suspend service?

You may cancel or suspend your service at any time with no penalty. Let us know when you would like to stop or suspend and we will confirm that your balance is current and there are no outstanding bottles or rental equipment. If you prefer to place your service on hold, we will suspend deliveries for any period of time, and resume when you are ready.

Do you rent dispensers for the large returnable glass bottles?

You bet. You will find our professional coolers and dispensers to be higher quality than most brands available for purchase at retail. Plus, we offer an assortment of dispensers and coolers ranging from room temperature, stainless steel, and ceramic crocks, to cold only, and hot and colder units that will look great in your home. And, if you ever need repairs or replacement, service is included in your monthly rental fee.

How are bottle deposits handled?

First, deposits are only charged on 5 gallon and 2.5 gallon returnable/refillable glass bottles. All our other products are fully recyclable. Your initial order is billed for the cost of the water, plus a $15.00 deposit for each returnable bottle. When you reorder, we pick up your empty bottles and replace them with full ones and issue you a $15.00 credit for each of the empties. So, if you order 2 five gallon bottles and return 2 five gallon empties, your credits and deposits equal zero, and you are only charged for the cost of 2 bottles of water. If you order 2 and return 3 bottles, then you will pay for the water minus an additional $15 credit. Of course, if you order 3 and return 2 bottles, then you will be charged for an extra $15 deposit. We always include the breakdown on the invoice left with your delivery.

Do you ever offer promotions?

We sure do. We send our customers periodic limited time offers and promotions via email. Be sure to add info@MVH2O.com to safe senders list, and you won’t miss out.

What makes Mountain Valley special over other brands of water?

Well let’s just say not all water is created equal. If your water is processed, purified, ionized, injected, vaporized, mineralized, reverse osmosis or supercharged; chances are it originated from filtered tap or well (aka “artesian”) water. Does your water come from multiple sources or is flown in from a remote island or some distant nation’s mountain range? Is it bottled by a multinational food conglomerate or big soda company? If so, then you need to experience the unique difference in quality and taste of Mountain Valley Spring Water. Source is what make one water better than another. A great source produces a great natural spring water. The Mountain Valley originates from a single protected spring source that naturally filters water through the earth that is some 3500 years old by the time we bottle it.
This organically mineral-rich, naturally 7.8 pH alkaline spring water is the oldest brand of bottled water in America and has been named “The Best Tasting Water in the World” (we have the awards to back this up).

I just learned about Mountain Valley, are you new or part of some big beverage business?

The Mountain Valley is a privately owned company. Our employees are dedicated to our single mission of protecting our land and providing the highest quality spring water in America.

I love Mountain Valley Water, will you reward me if I tell my friends and family?

Of course, we will! Word of mouth is our best source of new customers and your recommendation is worth a lot to us. You deserve our deepest gratitude and some free water. For each of your referrals who signs up for our service, we’ll give you two free cases of your choice, or 2 free multi-gallon bottles.

I want to sell Mountain Valley at my business, how can I purchase at wholesale?

We would love to have your business. We offer wholesale and volume discounts to retailers and distributors of our water. All we need is your reseller ID and we will provide you our wholesale pricing and terms.